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You’re Gonna Be an Author!
But, How Will You Promote Your Book?

(And Why Worry About It Now?)

Well, worry is a strong word.

Yet a self-published book rarely sells more than 200 copiesin a lifetime! (From Publishers’ Marketplace, a leading news authority in the book industry.)

No matter what your ultimate goals are for you and your book, you want to hit the ground running when it comes to promotion so you can get further faster.

In the “Launch Your Book Blueprint” I will give you a fill-in-the-blanks personal book promotion blueprint, plus five audio training modules to show you how to launch your book the most strategic and effective way for you.

Here’s what’s covered in the audios:

Module 1:
Get A Smart Start
Start promotion—even before your book is done!
“Get out of your own way” to promote your book
Tailor your promotion activities so they fit your natural talents

Module 2:
Focus On Your Goals
Determine your promotion purpose
Identify your launch path
Discover three different types of book launches

Module 3:
Position For Success
Target your audience
Focus on opportunities to take—and ones to skip
Differentiate your book from the hundreds of others

Module 4:
Tactics That Work
Apply book promo techniques to grow your list
Create a “media savvy” strategy
Use a simple, low-cost strategy to DOUBLE your effectiveness

Module 5:
Profit From Your Book
Create more contacts
Get more stuff done
Make more money


Two Printable “Launch Your Book” Blueprints!

One to “Model”    

One to “Complete”   

With the “Launch Your Book Blueprint” you’ll discover step-by-step how to have an effective launch of your new book!

“Bonus Training”

“10+ Ways to Turn Your Book into a Cash Machine”

Detailed step-by-step information about how to:

  • Start promoting your book (even before it’s published!)
  • Get others to help you sell your book
  • Build your own audience of eager book buyers
  • Easily set up a presence on the web
  • Multi-purpose your content for blogs, membership sites & information products

With special emphasis on…

BOOK SIGNINGS: Make your book signing a true event to pave the way to more speaking engagements and paying clients.

MEDIA RELATIONS: How to reach out and create strong relationships with the people who can get you and your book on TV, radio and in newspapers and magazines.

INFO PRODUCTS: Get more money from your book’s content by creating information products and services such as audios, membership sites and more!


  • ‘Put It To Use’ 20+ page Strategy Guide
    Follow along with the key points and make plans to put the strategies in place for yourself
  • ‘Hear It Again’ MP3 Audio Recording
    Listen to the information again later to uncover additional gems
  • ‘Every Word’ PDF
    Like to read instead? Now you can with this complete transcript of the audio

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