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Now: Get Your Book Published and Delivered to Your Front Door!

This "Done-For-You Publishing Package" delivers
professionally published, perfect bound booksthe
same quality you find in bookstoresright to your hands!

Get your book published fast and easy and:

  • Hold it up at your next eventplus sell it back of room
  • Use it as a premium gift to send clients and prospects
  • Get quoted in the media as "author of the newly published book"

...and, of course, show it off to friends and family. ;-)

This is the "Done-For-You" Option "Write a Book in a Weekend" Clients Asked For

Special Message from Donna Kozik:

deliveryWith the “Write a Book in a Weekend” Event, I show you from start to finish how to write and publish a book in a weekend—I give you all the resources so you can do it yourself.

But, past participants wanted more—knowing exactly “how” to do it wasn’t enough. They actually asked if I could DO IT FOR THEM so they had their perfect-bound book in hand right after the “Write a Book in a Weekend” Event. 

It made sense to me—after all, just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you have the time or energy to actually do it.

Plus, and even more importantly, just because we know how to do something doesn't mean WE SHOULD!

What I mean by that is your time is the most valuable resource you have. The one thing I aim to do with "Write a Book in a Weekend" and the "Done For You" Publishing Program is to make the best use of your time.

The way you can do that is let me take care of the printing and publishing for you!

That’s why I created the “Done-For-You" Publishing Package that will have 10 copies of your book delivered to your door. (And, yes, absolutely, you can get more than 10 copies if you like!) We can even show you how to order them yourself.

How the Done-For-You Publishing Program Works:

Step 1: You Give Us a Completed Manuscript

Step 2: You Receive a “Manuscript Review”

Donna Kozik will review your manuscript to help you determine if further editorial work is needed beyond proofreading. (A double proofreading is included in the Done For You Publishing Package.)  If it’s determined an editor is needed, you can pursue your own editor or we can provide a no-obligation quote for services provided by our professional Done-For-You Editorial Team.

Step 3: You Select Your Cover

We will present you with a selection of semi-customizable book cover templates to choose from. You can also, for an additional fee, choose to create a unique custom cover with our designers. After you select your cover, we work with you to place your front and back cover wording and picture until it’s just the way you want it. Simultaneously… 

Step 4:

Your Manuscript is Formatted by the Done-For-You Design Team

Our designers will take your manuscript and format the interior, including right and left justification, interior black and white images (up to 10), stylized chapter headings and headers.

Step 5: Author Review & Approval

You’ll get an opportunity to review at PDF of the formatted manuscript and correct content errors.

Step 6: Printing and Delivery! 

Your book is printed and 10 copies are delivered to your door. (Yes, you can order additional copies.)

We’ll do the front and back cover design, interior design, font choice and all the other little details, plus have your book professionally printed and published for you—and delivered right to you—so you can show it off to the people and colleagues in your world.

You’ve probably seen other programs like this charging $7,000…$10,000... even $15,000 and more for such services, however my goal is to get you published and keep it “do-able” for much less.

Head-of-the-Line Special

Reserve your spot right now with the “Head-of-the-Line” special so you’re among the first published and take over $2000 off the regular price! It's only $5,000 or five payments of $1,000 to have your professionally published book delivered to your door.


Bonus: Get Your Book in Readers’ Hands Even Faster

Act right now and you'll receive:

  • Bonus training from Donna Kozik about how to get your book through the publishing process stress-free
  • Checklist of actions you can start taking immediately to ramp up the promotion of your book
  • Special "Amazing Amazon" report about how to get your book on Amazon (America's Number One Book Seller)

Satisfaction Guarantee

We aim to make you and your book look good. Your books are guaranteed to be printed exactly as approved by you or we will make it right by reprinting the books for no additional cost. You will be able to electronically preview and approve your book’s final cover and interior files before they go to print.

Note terms and conditions or our guarantee and refund policy.

Wondering if this program is right for you?

If you’re a busy coach, entrepreneur or other small business owner who doesn’t have the time and energy to spend on figuring out all the intricacies of actually getting your book in print, then this is definitely for you.

My goal is to make you a published author right now—it all starts with “Write a Book in a Weekend” and gets even easier with my “Done for You” Publishing Package.

If you’re serious about becoming a published author and using your book to establish your expertise and create more income for yourself, then, yes, this is for you!

My best,
Donna Kozik
Donna Kozik
2-time award winning author and
Creator of the “Write a Book in a Weekend” Events

P.S. Remember, with the “Head of the Line” special you have a savings of over $2000.

P.P.S. Isn’t this what writing your book is all about in the first place? Now you can do that—and get it published and in your hands—all Done For You fast and easy!

Yes, reserve my spot for only $5,000.

Yes, reserve my spot for only 5 payments of $1,000.
(I understand I will be charged four more payments of $1,000 30 days apart for a total of $5000)