“Donna, I’m going to use this book as a big business card.”

That was back in 2004, when I helped my first ever client, an insurance agent from New York, write and publish his book.

Over a decade later and, thanks to my Write A Book In A Weekend events, I’ve helped thousands of people become published authors. It’s not magic (even if it sometimes feels like it!) and you don’t have to wait until you know what to do or how to do it (that’s where I come in!) All you really need is a willingness to let go of any pre-conceived notions of what this “should” look like.

I know it seems intimidating to write a whole book – but I also know you can do this!

If you’ve ever uttered the words “just tell me what to do!” your wish is about to come true. I’m here to guide you every step of the way and, thanks to the process I’ve honed over the years, I come equipped with my own little bag of tricks.

You’ll leave our time together with more than just a book (although yes, to finally hold that book in your hand is quite simply magical!) You’ll have a greater sense of who you are and what your message is.

You’ll have something no one can take away from you, an achievement many just dream about and, most of all, you’ll have a greater sense of confidence in yourself.

That’s what I want for you: The confidence to live your life fully – no regrets!

I’m Donna Kozik, former newspaper editor and senior communications specialist, award winning book author turned “midwife”, helping deliver book babies, both nationally and internationally.

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